Zeen by Cambridge, Khussa, Stylo Shoes, Mac lipstick, Sunglasses, chandelier, cute earrings,
Zeen by Cambridge

So it’s Day 2 of the 7 Days of Zeen Challenge and I decided to wear this beautiful white called the ‘Floral Chandelier’. I instantly fell in love with the design as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

Find out what I wore on Day 1 of the challenge >> HERE

And again, here’s a picture by Zeen for your reference.


Zeen by Cambridge
Zeen by Cambridge

You see now why I fell in love with this? I am absolutely sick to the core of seeing all those digital prints everywhere, so Zeen definitely was a breath of fresh air.

Also, all this embroidery that you see on their dresses? These are not separate patches thus another hassle down the drain. And this is usually the case in most of their dresses. No applique! 

Zeen by Cambridge
Zeen by Cambridge

Price: The two piece dress was for Rs.2,895/-

OOTD Details

Outfit: Zeen
Bag: Obsession
Khussa: Stylo Shoes
Jewelery: Obession

MOTD Details

Lipstick: Mac, Girl About Town
Perfume: Clinique Happy

I just didn’t feel like wearing any thing else, went with a pop of color on the lips and that’s about it. Oh and if you’d like to see the jewelry I wore, here it is:

Jewellery Online Pakistan Online Bag Pakistan I got alot of questions from you guys asking about where they can find Zeen. It is actually a women wear line by Cambridge so anywhere you see a Cambridge outlet that is where you can find Zeen.

You can find Cambridge or Zeen outlets in Islamabad at Super Market, Beverly Center Blue Area, Centaurus and Safa Mall. In Rwp you’ll find their outlets in Ghakkar, Axis Center and Hasan Enterprises both on Bank Road.

To shop Zeen Online you can check their website.

That’s all for today’s OOTD guys. Let me know how you liked the dress and feel free to leave any other question you have.