Bando Agenda Review Planner Addict

I don’t remember how exactly I came across the Bando Agenda but I remember growing up I would look forward to trips to the marketplace with my mother as it meant I could get my hands on a few school supplies. I still remember I would promise her I’d only get a pack of stickers but always ended up sneaking in a few more items of stationery to the counter when she was flipping through her Dalda ka Dastarkhawan. Such has been my love for school supplies.

I did kind of let go of my love for stationery until a few months back when I came across this trend of keeping a daily planner and decorating it using all sorts of stickers, washi tapes and what not. I went nuts over the cute planners and how people in the planner community were decorating it. I WANTED ONE!

The very first planner I fell in love with was the Kikki.k but sadly it was way too expensive for me. Then, I started looking for more planner options, keeping in mind there weren’t a lot many planner companies that shipped to Pakistan and those few who did, the shipping was freaking more expensive than the planner itself.

Then I came across the Bando Agenda/planner I am Very Busy and I went completely mad. It was the cutest planner everrrr! There were no planners in Pakistan and no one sold any which came as a huge disappointment.

Although, Bando does ship directly to Pakistan but again the shipping cost was actually more than the planner. So I started asking around if there was someone in my acquaintances travelling to Pakistan and luckily I did find someone who got me this.

I will probably keep talking forever, let me just show you what the Bando Agenda/Planner has to offer.

Bando Agenda Planner 2017
Bando Agenda Planner 2017
Bando Planner Dashboard
Bando Agenda 2017

As soon as you open up there’s a pocket inside that you can use for safekeeping your stickers and other planner accessories.

Daily Planner 2017 Dashboard
Bando Agenda 2017

I am not really sure if I want to write down my name there because whenever I try to write it down nicely I mess up. Probably going to use some stickers.

Sticker Planner Accessories
Bando Agenda 2017- Stickers

One of the absolute reason for falling in love with the Bando Agenda or Planner are the stickers that come inside, two sheets of cuteness, YES PLEASE!

Planner Stickers Bando
Bando Agenda 2017
Bando Planner 2017 Yearly View
Bando Planner 2017- Yearly View
Plan with me Bando Agenda
Bando Agenda 2017

Another very cute aspect are the fun holidays or national days all around the year. There’s an Ice Cream Day you guys just around the corner. Will keep you updated on this. Wink Wink!

Bando Agenda 2017 Reasons to Party
Bando Agenda 2017

Here you can just write down some major events that you want to highlight for the year.

Bando Agenda 2017 Laminated
Bando Agenda 2017
Bando Agenda 2017
Bando Agenda 2017

There’re a few pages for note taking at the end of each month which I think is so very handy for maintaining your shopping lists or budgets list etc.

Bando Agenda Review 2017
Bando Agenda 2017

Each month starts with it’s own colorful and funky quote, this is the start of August 2016.

Bando Agenda 2017 Monthly View
Bando Agenda 2017- Monthly View

There’s a monthly layout and then there’s a weekly layout for the whole of the month, this is extremely helpful to see your plans for the whole month at a glance.

Bando Agenda Planner 2017 Weekly View
Bando Agenda Planner 2017- Weekly View

This is the weekly or the daily layout where you can play your day or week and I plan on decorating these so stay tuned to see how I turn these white pages to colorful and bright themed plan with me.

Bando Agenda 2017 Stickers
Bando Agenda 2017

Although, this is not the end of our planner but I can’t possibly show you all the fun stuff in one post, I haven’t seen any Pakistani planner addicts, if you know one make sure to tag them in this post so we can build a planner community. And don’t forget I’ll be doing a Plan with me session every week so you will get to see this Bando Agenda live in action.
Also would you like me to host a giveaway for a planner? Leave me a comment below.