Best Iftar Buffet Deals 2016 Islamabad

Who likes to make Iftari at home on a scorching hot day? Sadly though, it’s always a scorching hot day as of late and you can’t always eat out to avoid the garmi in the kitchen. But I guess it’s always a good idea to take your family out on Iftaar a few times in Ramzan and let your mothers and sisters take a break and enjoy these iftar deals.

So, I decided to dedicate a post solely to Iftaar deals in Islamabad in order to help you choose a place according to your budget, plus I tried my best to find images with complete contact information so that you don’t bother Ms.Google much. The list is in no particular order, just my favorite restaurants on the top probably.

1) OX and Grill Iftar deal

Best Iftar Deals in Islamabad
Iftar Deals Islamabad-Ox and Grill

Ox and Grill Restaurant Islamabad Location: Bahria Heights 2, Phase 6 near Shaheen Chemist, Bahria Town Islamabad.
Ox and Grill Restaurant Contact no:(051) 5734114

2) 1969 Restaurant

969 Cafe 1969 Iftar Deals Islamabad
Iftar Deals Islamabad- 1969

1969 Restaurant Islamabad Location: Garden Avenue, Shakarparian Opposite Lok Virsa
Charges in Islamabad: 1969+tax/person
Did you know 1969 Cafe is now open in Rawalpindi? Cool, right?
1969 Restaurant Rawalpindi Location: Topi Rakh Auditorium Lawns, Main G.T Road
Charges in Rawalpindi: 1699+tax/person
1969 Restaurant Contact no:0323-9691969, 0512607263
They’re offering a 10% if you book through their Facebook page.

3) Monal Downtown

Iftar Deals Islamabad Monal Downtown
Iftar Deals Islamabad- Monal Downtown

Monal Downtown Restaurant Location: 5th Floor, Centaurus Mall
Monal Downtown Restaurant Contact no: 051-2701516, 051-2701517

4) Highland Resort Iftar deal

Iftar Deals islamabad Highland cafe and resort
Iftar Deals Islamabad-Highland Resort

Highland Resort Location: Pir Sohawa Road, Sangada. FYI: new roads have been constructed so going there is no trouble anymore.
Highland Resort Contact no: 051-2871251 -52 -53, 03055825607

5) PC Rawalpindi

PC Pearl Contiental Rawalpindi Iftar Deals
Iftar Deals Rawalpindi- PC Hotel

PC Rawalpindi Location: Need I to tell you this, seriously?
PC Rawalpindi Contact no: (051) 111 505 505

6) Marriott

Iftar Deals Islamabad Marriott Hotel
Iftar Deals Islamabad- Marriott Hotel

Islamabad Marriot Hotel Location: Agha Khan Road, Islamabad
Islamabad Marriot Hotel Contact no: 051 111 223344 Ext 2319, 2320

7) The Monal Restaurant Per Sohawa Iftar deal

Monal Iftar Deals Islamabad
Iftar Deals Islamabad- Monal Per Sohawa

Monal Restaurant Location: Per Sohawa
Monal Restaurant Contact no: 051-2898044 -55 -66 -88

8) Monal Tree House

Monal Treehouse Islamabad Iftar Deal
Monal Treehouse- Iftar Deal

Monal Treehouse Location: Per Sohawa
Monal Treehouse Contact no: 051-2898044 -55 -66 -88

9) Des Pardes SaidPur

Des Pardes Saidpur Iftar Deal Islamabad
Des Pardes Saidpur- Iftar Deal

Des Pardes Restaurant Location: Saidpur Islamabad
Des Pardes Restaurant Contact no: (051)2320008-9

10) Des Pardes E-11

Des Pardes E-11 Iftar Deal Islamabad
Des Pardes E-11- Islamabad

11) Des Pardes F-10

Des Pardes F10 Islamabad Iftar Deal
Des Pardes F-10 -Iftar Deal

Des Pardes Restaurant F-10 Location: Ch Yaqoob Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.
Des Pardes Restaurant F-10 Contact no: 051-8739786

12) Baramda

Baramda Islamabad Iftar Deal
Baramda Islamabad-Iftar Deals

Baramda Restaurant Islamabad Location: Select One Plaza, F-11 Markaz.
Baramda Restaurant Contact no: 0518443330

13) China Town

China Town Islamabad Iftar Deals
Chinatown Iftar Deal

Chinatown Restaurant Location: Street 55, F-8/4
Chinatown Restaurant Contact no: 051-2854577

14) La Montana Iftar deal

La Montana Iftar Deal Islamabad
La Montana Islamabad- Iftar Deal

La Montana Restaurant Location: Per Sohawa Islamabad
La Montana Restaurant Contact no: 051-2898226, 051-2898022

15) Casa Rouge

Casa Rouge Iftar Deal Islamabad
Casa Rouge- Iftar Deal Islamabad

Casa Rouge Restaurant Location: First Floor, United Bakery Bldg, Block # 11, School Road, Super Market, F-6 Markaz.
Casa Rouge Restaurant Contact no: 0334 7777721

16) Sholay Grill

Sholay Grill Islamabad Iftar Deal
Sholay Grill Islamabad Iftar Deal

Sholay Grill Restaurant Location: Wallayat Complex, Phase 7, Bahria Town, Islamabad
Sholay Grill Restaurant Contact no: 0515707362-64


Pappasallis jinnah super Islamabad Iftar deal
Pappasallis F-7 Iftar Deal

18) Nando’s Iftar deal

Nandos Islamabad Iftar Deal
Nandos Islamabad Iftar Deal

Nando’s Restaurant Islamabad Location: Shop No 10-B, F-6 Markaz, Supermarket
Nando’s Restaurant Islamabad Contact No: 051 2601773

19) Atrio Cafe and Grill

Atrio Cafe Iftar Deal Islamabad
Atrio Cafe- Iftar Deal

Atrio Cafe Islamabad Location: Jinnah Super opposite Saeed Book Bank
Atrio Cafe Contact No: (051) 8319999

20) The Emperor’s Table

The Emperors Table Iftar Deal Islamabad
The Emperors Table- Iftar Deal

The Emperor’s Table Restaurant Location: 4th floor, Safa Gold Mall, Jinnah Super
The Emperor’s Table Restaurant Contact no: 051-2656802-03

21) Khiva Restaurant Jinnah Super

Khiva Restaurant Jinnah Super F7 Islamabad Iftar Deal
Khiva Restaurant Jinnah Super- Iftar Deal

Khiva Restaurant Location: Adjacent Pizza Hut, Jinnah Super, Islamabad
Khiva Restaurant F7 Contact No: 051-2650265 – 2650264 – 2650263

22) Khiva Revolving Restaurant Bahria Town

Khiva Revolving Restaurant Bahria Town Islamabad Iftar Deal
Khiva Revolving Restaurant Bahria Town-Iftar Deal

Khiva Revolving Restaurant Location: STS Mall, Civic Center, Phase 4, Bahria Town Islamabad
Khiva Revolving Restaurant Contact No: 051-5734311 / 5734312 / 5734313

23) Canape

Canape Islamabad Iftar Deal
Canape Islamabad-Iftar Deal

Canape Cafe Location: F-11, First Floor, Liberty Square Plaza, Islamabad.
Canape Cafe Contact No: (051) 8740552

24) Tuscany Iftar deal

Tuscany Islamabad Iftar Buffet Deal
Tuscany Islamabad -Iftar Buffet Deal
Tuscany Iftar Buffet Deal Islamabad
Tuscany Iftar Buffet Deal Islamabad

Tuscany Restaurant Islamabad Location: Kohsar Market, F-6/3 Islamabad
Tuscany Restaurant Islamabad Contact no: 051-8445544 051-8445588 051-8445599

25) Street 1 Cafe

Street 1 Cafe Iftar Buffet Deal Islamabad
Street 1 Cafe Iftar Deal Islamabad

Street 1 Cafe Location: Kohsar Market, F-6/3
Street 1 Cafe Contact no: (051) 2823431

26) Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Iftar Buffet Deal Islamabad
Pizza Hut Iftar Deal

27) Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet Islamabad Iftar Deal
Coffee Planet Islamabad Iftar Deal

Coffee Planet Location: F-11 Markaz Islamabad.

28) MJ’s Coffee House Iftar deal

MJ's Coffee House Islamabad Iftar Deal
MJ’s Coffee House – Iftar Deal

Mj’s Location: Street 14, F-10/2, Islamabad
Mj’s Contact No: 051-2210370-2

29) 18 Stories

Eighteen Stories Islamabad Iftar Deal
Eighteen Stories Iftar Deal

18 Stories Cafe Location: Shop no 2, Liberty Square Plaza, F-11 Markaz Islamabad
18 Stories Cafe Contact No: 0300 9252597

30) Maantu Gul Kitchen Iftar deal

Manto Gul Kitchen Iftar Buffet Deal
Maantu Gul Kitchen- Iftar Deal

Maantu Gul Kitchen Location: E-7, Near Faisal Masjid, Next to CDA Care 1122
Maantu Gul Kitchen Contact no: 0300 5115458