Best Iftar Deals in Lahore 2016

When I think of Lahore there’re two things that cross my mind immediately; designers and food. I think it’s safe to say that Lahoris just love food above anything else and after the post I did on Iftar deals in Islamabad it was only fair to let my Lahori friends know about Iftar deals in their city too.

1) Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian Cafe Iftar Deal Lahore 2016
Arcadian Cafe – Iftar Deal Lahore

Arcadian Cafe Contact no: 0321-9555400, 35817722-3
Arcadian Cafe Address: 28 K Gulberg 2 (Opposite Mobilink House – In Mini Market)

2) The Monal Lahore

The Monal Lahore Iftar Deal 2016
The Monal Lahore- Iftar Deal

The Monal Lahore Contact no: 042-35789823, 24, 24
The Monal Lahore Address: Located inside Park N Ride Plaza Liberty

3) ChinaTown

ChinaTown Lahore Iftar Deal 2016
ChinaTown Lahore- Iftar Deal

ChinaTown Contact no: 042-35750059
ChinaTown Address:13/A Gulberg iii, Mahmood Kasuri Road

4) Cafe Zouk

Cafe Zouk Iftar Deals Lahore 2016
Cafe Zouk Iftar Deals Lahore

Cafe Zouk Contact No: 0300-8443929, 35750282, 35750272
Cafe Zouk Address: M. M. Alam Rd, Lahore

5) The Cafe Upstairs

The Cafe Upstairs Iftar Deals Lahore 2016
The Cafe Upstairs- Iftar Deal Lahore

The Cafe Upstairs Contact No: 042-35776774,5
The Cafe Upstairs Address:  11 C Main Gulberg

6) Buzkash

Forest Cafe Lahore Iftar Deal 2016
Forest Cafe Lahore- Iftar Deal

Buzkash Contact No: (042) 35774487
Buzkash Address:  Suite 10 – 12, Gate 11, Gaddafi Stadium

7) Bryggen

Bryggen Iftar Deal Lahore 2016
Bryggen- Iftar Deal

Bryggen Contact No: (042) 35755637 -38-39
Bryggen Address:  5R, MM Alam Road, Lahore

8) Forest Cafe

Forest Cafe Lahore Iftar Deal 2016

Forest Cafe Contact No: (042) 35755097
Forest Cafe Address:  57 T, M. M. Alam Rd, Gulberg II

9) Tree Lounge

Tree Lounge Iftar Deal Lahore 2016
Tree Lounge-Iftar Deal Lahore

Tree Lounge Lahore Contact No: 0342 8888733
Tree Lounge Address:  WB Mall, 6C/3, Gulberg III (above Gourmet) Liberty Road.

10) Cafe Barbera

Cafe Barbera Iftar Deal Lahore 2016
Cafe Barbera=- Iftar Deal Lahore

Cafe Barbera Contact No: (042) 35756651
Cafe Barbera Address:  56-B/3, Mahmood Kasuri Road, Near Hussain Chowk, Gulberg III

11) Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar Iftar Deal Lahore 2016
Spice Bazaar- Iftar Deal Lahore

Spice Bazaar Contact No: 042-35759014, 5
Spice Bazaar Address: One-T, Gulberg II, Lahore

12) Kababjees

Kababjees lahore iftar deal 2016
Kababjees Lahore Iftar deal 2016

Kababjees Contact No: 042111666111-03234963499-03403592997
Kababjees Address:  161- H Block, Phase 1, DHA Cantt

13) Tenerife Cafe

Tenerife Cafe Lahore Iftar Deal 2016
Tenerife Cafe- Iftar Deal

Tenerife Contact No: 04235776961, 04235776962
Tenerife Address:  11, Jail Road, Main Gulberg

14) Zucchini

Zucchini Lahore Iftar Deal 2016
Zucchini Lahore- Iftar Deal

Zucchini Contact No: (042) 35785623
Zucchini Address:  11 C/2 Main M.M Alam Road Lahore., Lahore, Pakistan

15) Citrus Restaurant

Citrus restaurant Lahore Iftar Deal
Citrus Restaurant Lahore -Iftar Deal

Citrus Restaurant Contact No: 04235776894, 03244-CITRUS
Citrus Address:  Galleria Mall, Main Gulberg