Beechtree Eid Collection 2016
Beechtree - Eid Collection 2016

Hold my hand and let’s travel back in time, shall we? Okay, good! Get up, let’s go! No, no! Not those happy days of your life that you want to relive, this is not that kind of a post, please! Lets go back to 2015, the same time of the year as now. Are you with me? Good!

Look, there you’re; coming out of Khaadi, clearly annoyed because that was the fifth store you were about to tear apart trying to find that perfect Eid dress that is determined not to be found by you. As you make your way to Nishat your eyes hit the mannequin at Chinyere wearing a bright colored dress that made you hold your breath in WOW, as if Cinderella just found her lost glass slipper.

You walk into the store hardly able to contain your excitement on having found your perfect Eid dress, you’re already imaging the sarial face of your cousin Tina when you’re going to walk into her Eid party in that dress, all dolled up and Tina crying out in utter shock “Woah, where did you get that dress? You look so beau–” WHATTTT! All your hopes of making Tina jealous just disappear into thin air when you see the price tag on the dress which shouts Rs.32,000/-

At this particular moment in time, you have died a thousand deaths. See the look on your face, right there? It’s like you just saw a white walker army in front of you and you have a cripple to carry on your shoulders. I hope you get that reference? In case you don’t, that my friend is the look of ultimate desperation, with two days left in Eid, all hope of finding your dream Eid dress is lost for good.

Now, you’re randomly walking in and out of stores desperate to find something, anything! You no longer wish to make Tina jealous because the tables have turned, now Tina is going to walk into her Eid party looking absolutely stunning and OMG did she just grin? She’s so mean! You just made a mental note to think of something later, to cancel out on her party because GODD she is a truly vain individual.

Devastated you walk into WARDA and pick up the first wearable dress you see, because you have had enough of this Eid dress thing, you’re done! You’ve it all planned though, you’re going to tell everyone that you wanted to keep it simple this year because of the heat, Yes everyone is going to buy that and you’re happy, for now!

Lets not travel back to the Eid day where you had a terrible break down when you saw Tina look even more beautiful from your memory of her being stabbed to death because of that grin.

It’s time to go back to 2016 now, come onnn don’t lag behind! A little confrontation first; did you just gasp at the sight of her,? Seriously? I mean her dress wasn’t even that pretty for that matter. Okay, lets forget about Tina. I hope you’ve learned your lesson and got that Eid dress a little earlier this time. Wait, what? Did you just say no? Do you ever learn? Do you? Okay, don’t panic now, we still have time to defeat Tina at the Eid dress game and it’s only going to be bigger and better this year. I chose the five best Eid dresses of 2016 for you all under Rs. 7000 to avoid having to face the white walkers again.

1) Mina Hassan

Best Eid Dresses 2016 Mina Hassan Collection
Mina Hassan- Eid Collection 2016

Can we please take a minute to admire how very beautiful this outfit is? I mean look at that shirt and that dupatta and that trouser, ahh that trouser. I absolutely loved Mina Hassan’s Eid collection as it was a perfect break from all those digital prints that I have been sick to the stomach of seeing. Not to forget the quality of the fabric used is peerless and for me quality comes first. Her Eid Collection starts from Rs 6300 and goes up to 6800 (embroidered lawn) which came as a complete surprise to me, given the heavy embroidery these dresses are fairly priced, I believe.

I didn’t get this particular one because I already had a white dress for Eid, however I did end up buying another from Mina Hassan which I will share with you guys later. Share? Lol, no show you only!

Price: PKR 6,800
Availability:,, and all leading stores.

Note: All the above mentioned sites are currently restocking the collection frequently, so don’t forget to check regularly for updated stock.

2) Origins

Origins Eid Dress Collection 2016
Origins Ready to Wear- Eid Collection 2016

Origins was my favorite brand last year, you’d see me wear Origins time after time because the designs are unique, ethnic and outstanding. This year Origins has outdone itself yet again and let me tell you their Eid collection is stunning! It was so hard to choose just one from their entire collection. I’d recommend that you check them out for more designs and color options.
But this was my most favorite, white again? Yeah, I know! Don’t try to be like Tina now!

Price: PKR 5950/-
Availability: and all Origins store nationwide.

3) Ethnic

Ethnic Eid Dress Collection 2016
Ethnic- Eid Collection 2016

I love this outfit for it’s color and that dupatta, it gives the whole outfit a very swish look. Ethnic too doesn’t disappoint you at all when it comes to quality. I’m sure Tina is going to be eyeing you up and down if you wear this, all envious!
If black is your color, I suggest you check out their site there is this one black dress I have my eyes on.

Price: PKR 5990/-
Availability: and all Ethnic store nationwide.  

4) Faraz Manan

Faraz Manan Eid Collection 2016
Faraz Manan- Eid Collection 2016

When it comes to bridals Faraz Manan makes you go Holy mother of tussles, WOW! When I heard Faraz Manan Lawn (I was in complete oblivion to this beautiful lawn last year) I knew I would end up buying one, two or maybe three. The colors used in this particular outfit are going to make heads turn, I promise!

Price: PKR 7300

5) Rani Emaan

Rani Emaan Eid Collection 2016
Rani Emaan Eid Collection 2016

Rani Emaan came out with an absolutely amazing summer lawn collection previously and I have been waiting like crazy for her Eid collection. The collection is perfectly balanced with a few embroidered pieces with no digital prints and a few with digital, giving you the freedom to choose whatever you please.

Price: PKR 6,500/-
Availability: and all leading stores.

Bonus Entry

Beechtree Eid Collection 2016
Beechtree – Eid Collection 2016

While surfing through Beech Tree’s Eid catalog I came across this stunner and fell in love with it like anything. There just can’t be a more perfect Eid outfit than this. However, I couldn’t find the price on this and judging by the look of it, it sure isn’t anything under 7000 otherwise would have been my favorite number 1.

That’s it for my Eid favorites guys, I am sure we’re going to make Tina furious this year!