Eid Gift Ideas for Her

Since Eid is literally just around the corner I know many of you’d be struggling to find the perfect Eid gifts for that special person in your life, it makes me want to smack my forehead in dismay when I hear guys complain “larkion ko gift karne k liay kuch hota hi nahi” matlab seriously?

If someone ever asks me -which they know better not to- what do I want as a gift this Eid, you know at first ofcourse I am going to be like “Oh nahi, kuch nahi chaye” but my mind’d already be racing through the wishlist I created the night before.

Jora ✓
Shoes ✓
Bag ✓
Makeup ✗

Oh yes you can get me this new palette from Morphe if you insist on buying me something for Eid. And they get me that and I live happily ever after.

Sadly, this has never ever happened so I am just going to jump back into the Eid gift ideas that might actually help you make her really happy because even if you’d spend a crap ton of money on things she has no need for, it would be an effort wasted.

FIY: by her I don’t necessarily mean your girlfriend or you fiance who you just feel obliged to get something for on Eid. I mean the other special women in your life too, your mother, your wife and your sister maybe. The women we most often take granted for, we? why did I say we? I meant you, you the men reading this! If you’re a women reading this you’ve just been ignored.

If you came here looking for some dress options to gift, read about the my top five picks for Eid here.

1) Wrapping/Packaging Ideas

Secrets of Style

Eid Gift Packing Wrapping
Eid Gift Packing by Secrets of Style
Eid Gift Packing
Eid Gift Packing by Secrets of Style
Eid Gift Basket Wrapping
Eid Gift Wrapping by Secrets of Style
Eid Gift Boxes
Eid Gift Boxes by Secrets of Style

I had to start with the wrapping because that’s the first thing anyone notices about an Eid gift and I for one am a total sucker for beautifully packed gifts and I believe all girls are. So if you really want to make your mark I suggest you go leave all the insanely gorgeous packing details to Hajra from Secrets of Style. I once got some Mehndi Thals for a friend’s Mehndi from her and have been a major fan ever since.

She has gift baskets, gift boxes, and boxes especially for that Eid dress you don’t know how to wrap all in a very fair price for the amount of work and details on every single item. The beautiful baskets starts from Rs.2800 and go upto Rs.3200, however I recommend you contact her directly for a better quote.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SECRETSOFSTYLEBYHAJRA
Contact No: 03319014480

That’s a Wrap

Eid Jora wrap
Eid Jora wrap by That’s a Wrap
Eid Gift Basket Ideas
Eid Gift Basket by That’s a Wrap
Eid Dress Wrapping
Eid gift wraping by That’s a Wrap
Eid Gift Basket
Eid Gift Basket by That’s a Wrap


If you’re looking for a little more sophistication in your wrapping then here’s another very talented lady in this regard. That’s a Wrap by Ayesha, her work is sheer elegance and sophistication. I had such a hard time trying to shortlist her best work as every piece is equally beautiful I kept going back and forth.

Even if you gift someone these beautiful baskets alone I am pretty sure you can get away with it, they’re just so pretty! Don’t take my word for it though!

Boxes at That’s a wrap start at Rs 1800, jora wraps at Rs 500 which is a total win for the price. Baskets start at 4500 depending on the size.

For any queries you can contact her directly www.facebook.com/thatsawrap0