Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad – Review


Before you decide to step into the Hogwarts Cafe, make sure you have no muggles with you while Dumbledore might welcome you with open arms, Draco and the other pure-bloods are just not going to accept the idea of a muggle sitting in their midst.

Definition of a Muggle: A person who even in the 21st Century has successfully managed to remain ignorant to the magical world of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In some parts of the world people will unfriend you from facebook and their lives if you’re one.

Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad Address: Chaudhary Plaza, Adjacent Media Town, O-9, Police Foundation Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad Contact Number:
(051) 5708102

Unfortunately, we had a muggle friend among st us and when she revealed who she was, I could sense the unease that the revelation had created. Draco (a random wizard sitting right across our table) looked at my friend with eyes filled with hatred and before he decided we had to settle this in a Wizard’s Duel, I had no choice but to point my wand (which she kept referring to as a spell stick) at the muggle and shout SILENCIO!! 

Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad

I was too excited to enter the Hogwarts Cafe and absolutely failed to notice anything that was outside the cafe, to your left is Platform 9 3/4 and those sticky notes are just some of the feedback delivered by the customers through owls. (Not really by owls, of course!)

Hogwarts Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad

This has to be my second most favorite setup in the Hogwarts cafe, the first one being the moving picture frames on the wall to your left as soon as you enter. I am sorry my good for nothing photographer for some reason didn’t find it interesting enough to capture it, but you can visit my Instagram where I have a video clip showing them in action and it’s absolutely BRILLIANT!! KUDOS to the team for the idea.

Hogwarts Cafe PWD Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
The Great Hall Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
Harry Potter Books Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad


Coming to the food, they have fun names for all the food items like The Muggle’s Choice, Butterbeer and more. The shakes all tasted pretty good so 10 points to House Gryffindor (assuming House Gryffindor is responsible for mixing the potions)

Harry Potter Theme Cafe Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad

I had the The Godric’s Hollow, fresh buns but judging by the size of the chicken patty inside I was pretty sure it’d be somewhat uncooked but to my surprise it wasn’t, it was just the right amount of juicy. The fries on the other hand were a total turn off, they reminded me what french fries looked like inside my Lunch box at school after being held captive for three hours. The only difference was I wasn’t much excited for the ones you see right here.

Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad Menu
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad

My Friend who had The Muggle’s Choice, which was a beef burger complained that it was a bit too dry. Tried her very best to like the food that one!

Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad Pasta
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad


Probably the only disappointment at Hogwarts Cafe was their service, I was half way done with my food and still no sign of the drink I had ordered. Also no ketchup came with the food which I think you don’t even need to ask for with fast food. And when finally the lazy owl did deliver, it came in sachets, to which I silently screamed STUPEFY!!

Fudge Cake Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad

I saw the owners, guys in their mid 20’s I would say (I dare not take the number further up incase they take it seriously and decide to sue me under the New Cyber Crime Act for obvious reasons) serving the food themselves, cleaning up after the guests to which I was like Wahh Yar! So 10 points to House Slytherin!

Butterbeer Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad


Although they have done a brilliant job, but I had a few ideas that they probably could incorporate later maybe.
1) Since owls have been a major part of the series all along, I think it would be really cool if they had at least one in the Hogwarts Cafe.
2) They should divide their departments into the four houses and get their comment cards printed where customers can award points to the respective houses based on their performance.
3) As I mentioned earlier they need to get their service rolling because people are probably only going to visit for the interior twice or thrice, in the end it’s the food and the service that is going to make them keep coming back to the Hogwarts Cafe.
4) Please do something about those french fries.

Harry Potter Cafe Islamabad Shakes
Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad

Aftermath of the Visit to Hogwarts Cafe

That’s it for Hogwarts Cafe guys but if you’re still here wanting to read about the aftermath of my visit you deserve a Firebolt! I thought after all these years I had moved on and left Harry Potter and the magical world behind me, never to be missed again and the sole reason I went to the Hogwarts cafe was to review the place, little did I would walk out completely nostalgic. It brought back such fond memories and pain. The pain that has left us all sleepless for countless nights waiting for the owl to deliver the mail that was never written.

While I saw people around me giggling with excitement and marvel at the interior, I was lost in my own thoughts. It was like someone just handed me Hermione’s time turner and I was back in time and not in the Hogwarts Cafe anymore. And when I saw Sirius Black in one of the moving pictures, I didn’t laugh at myself, like I thought I would for crying night after night when he died. I didn’t even shed a tear when Robb died in Game of Thrones so how could I still be this sad for Sirius Black after all this time? I took my eyes right off of his face, afraid that my eyes won’t be able to fight the whirlpool that was forming inside, but I succumbed to despair and turned to face the cheerful, blessed muggle instead. Lost in her own excitement of the Wizarding World oblivious to the sacrifices made by many for the boy who lived.

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