Pakistani honeymoon trip

Woke up this morning to find the internet flooded with pictures of a Pakistani woman who went on a honeymoon trip to Greece, the unusual part; she went on a honeymoon trip without her husband. Not an ideal honeymoon now, is it?

Well, the couple already went on their first honeymoon trip to Maldives, it was a second trip they had planned to Greece which was more like a family trip where Huma -the current internet sensation- was accompanied by her in-laws alone after her husband’s visa was rejected by the Greek Embassy.

While any other Pakistani girl would have posed as a desi styled Deepika going all poetic for her Bajirao, Huma on the other hand decided to miss her husband in a way that caught the internet’s attention, she took hilarious yet adorable photos throughout what -was left of her honeymoon trip- and posted them on her facebook profile.

Here’s how she showed her husband how terribly she missed him and wanted to pose with him.

Pakistani Girl Who Went on Honeymoon
You know you miss them the most when a pool is involved
Without Husband Honeymoon
Would have been a beautiful couple photo but we wouldn’t have cared much in that case
Girl on Honeymoon without husband
Her expressions though
honeymoon trip greece
The food we never tasted together is somewhere behind me in one of those restaurants
trip to greece
When you can’t take it anymore

If you think it got any better Huma lost her phone on the same trip hence the pose.

honeymoon without husband
Missing the two important things in my life
honeymoon alone without husband
Why Greece Why?!
honeymoon trip alone
She literally chose the best spots to pose

I couldn’t help adore her pretty face and expressions and I admire her wit altogether. Find out more about this happy couple on Huma’s blog called Outside Girl on facebook. Would you ever dare go on a honeymoon trip without your spouse? Do you think you’d be able to make the most out of your trip?