Unlike most girls today I stepped into the makeup world in my early twenties, watching tons and tons of makeup videos made me believe that the art of applying makeup was as easy as pie; foundation application in particular. So, here I was thinking to myself “All I need is a good quality foundation some low quality makeup brushes because come on who needs to waste money on those expensive ones, they all do the same job anyway” and I am good to go.

I might have tried at least five different foundations and was on the verge of giving up altogether when it finally hit me that maybe it’s not the foundations but something else that was not working for me and trust me not even for a second did it occur to me that good quality makeup brushes had such an important part to play when it came to that flawless makeup application. Thus began the hunt of affordable, quality makeup brushes.

Once I started digging out easy on the pocket, quality makeup brushes there was but only one recommendation; Real Techniques Core Collection (bear in mind I was utterly focused on getting a flawless foundation application at this point). These brushes were being raved about by almost every other makeup artist online and I finally decided to invest in the asset myself.

Here’s my take on the Real Techniques Core Collection Set:

Real Techniques Core Collection – Case

Real Techniques Core Collection Makeup Brush Case
Real Techniques Core Collection – Brush Case

“panoramic case: dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go. Also perfect for drying brushes upside-down”

The set comes in a not so fancy case but I just couldn’t help falling in love with it owing to the ease of carrying it, usually I would throw in a powder brush in my pouch because carrying your makeup brushes along with other makeup products can easily ruin them but this case allows you to travel easily keeping the makeup brushes secure.

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Case Stand
Real Techniques Core Collection Set

Another great thing about the case is its ability to turn into a stand for upside down brush drying. It has enough space for you to tug in another few brushes in there.

Real Techniques Core Collection – Buffing Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes – Buffing Brush

“buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation”


This brush has become my absolute favorite for a very natural, flawless foundation application. It is a multi-purpose brush but I tend to use it the most when applying my liquid foundations, cream foundations or BB creams. The brush is dense enough for my liking and I love how the brush picks up a minimal amount of product and buffs it beautifully into the skin which gives that perfect natural finish. The brush is super easy to clean and dries easily in 3-4 hours.


On the other hand, I didn’t really like how the brush picks up the powder products especially loose powders but sure is the best makeup brush for foundation application. It did however irritate my skin a little the first few times which I noticed stopped completely after the first wash.

Real Techniques Core Collection – Contour Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set Contour Brush
Real Techniques Core Collection – Contour Brush

“contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to the cheekbones for a sheer, soft-focus contour”


The contour brush again is a multipurpose brush and is perfectly tapered to get into the hollows of your cheeks for that precise contour. I use the same brush for soft contouring down the sides of my nose for a soft look, it blends the contour powder/bronzer nicely. I love applying blush on the apples of my cheeks and the pointed end of the brush helps perfectly well to keep it from going all over the place. And though I love using a fan brush for highlighting the cheekbone area but again the gentle point on this brush applies the shimmer precisely and delicately.


Seriously I didn’t find any. There’re so many ways this single brush can be used in that from time to time I keep wanting to have three or four of these around me. Just can’t have enough!

Real Techniques Core Collection – Pointed Foundation Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection Makeup Brush Set Foundation Brush
Real Techniques Core Collection – Pointed Foundation Brush

“pointed foundation brush: unique cut for use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage”


I had to abandon the brush as a foundation brush, why? Read below. I think the brush works great for applying concealer under the eyes and the sides of the nose, I also use the brush for highlighting the under eye area.


If you totally want to avoid being yelled at for taking forever to get ready, I would recommend you don’t use this brush for applying your foundation because it literally takes forever. For me the brush was a total no because I noticed it did leave strokes and I had to go in again with the buffing brush to get rid of the lines. Being a little stiff this brush is not as easy to wash as the other three in the set.

Real Techniques Core Collection – Detailer Brush

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set Detailer Brush
Real Techniques Core Collection- Detailer Brush

“detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition”


I love using this brush for concealing troublesome areas on my face and around the corners of my mouth and to apply any eye primers. Using it as lip brush is another great use for it.


Judging by the size of the brush I have tried numerous times to apply my eye makeup with it but have been disappointed as it doesn’t pick up enough product.

Overall Experience

None of the brushes have shed on me not even a single hair and I have had them for a good six months now, the hair is as soft as on day one, I did condition them once although I didn’t really feel the need to. I would most definitely rate this set as one of the best makeup brush set for beginners not only in terms of quality but also because they’re super easy on the pocket.

Cost, Availability and Payment Methods

You can easily buy these makeup brushes online in Pakistan between 1890-2400PKR, you might want to avoid anything below or above that threshold.

The Real Techniques Core Collection Set can also be bought directly from for $18. They do ship to Pakistan for shipping as low as $3.08, this can be done through a PayPal account, VISA or a MasterCard.