Saeed Ghani Oil for Hair Loss
Saeed Ghani Oil for Hair Loss

I was never blessed with the most beautiful of hair but it sure was thick if nothing else, my battle with hair loss began last year around June when I started noticing that I was leaving hair everywhere; my pillow, my shirts, my brush every where you can possibly think of.

What I Think Was The Cause of my Hair Loss:
I went to a salon for a hair treatment, mind you it was a renowned salon famous for it’s services. Along with the hair treatment I was given a shampoo and a hair mask for my hair type *sarcasm at it’s peakI hardly used it for a week or two when I noticed the hair loss, I stopped using the products immediately.

Another reason that could have contributed to my hair loss is or was my heavy intake of fizzy drinks and poor diet.

At first, I completely ignored it thinking it was probably the hair loss mausam. So, after a few weeks of not bothering at all I started losing hair by handfuls, there was more hair in my shower than on my head. Every time I shampooed, my hair would fall off as easily as the hair on a corn.

I still hadn’t taken it seriously, thinking it’d stop on it’s own in a few weeks, which didn’t, so I decided to see a dermatologist for my hair loss. Sadly, the two trips to the dermatologist turned out to be a complete rip off. Some of these so called dermatologists know nothing but to capitalize on the helplessness of their patients. The so called doctor seemed keen only on making money from my situation, giving me expensive medication on every visit and changing the prescription altogether on the next because it didn’t work.

I did however get some tests conducted which included a thyroid test and a blood test. Once I was sure I wasn’t ill or anything I decided to look for other options and someone recommended that I use Saeed Ghani’s oil and shampoo designed for treating hair loss.

Saeed Ghani has a number of different oils which probably serve different purposes but I was recommended to use their Maghaz Amla hair oil and shampoo. I started seeing results right after about two to three weeks of using it. Saeed Ghani’s Maghaz shampoo however, I noticed didn’t work for me as it left my hair super dry.

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Saeed Ghani Maghaz Oil for Hair Loss- Ingredients
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Saeed Ghani Maghaz Oil for Hair Loss- Price

I can say that the Saeed Ghani’s oil works best for treating hair loss because I did try a number of different mixed oils and many home remedies but this was the only one that worked. They recently changed the package from a red and white bottle (which I was previously using) to this, I use it thrice a week but I avoid leaving it overnight as the red color stains the sheets.

It has a very strong floral scent which I personally enjoy but my family doesn’t and I am being kicked out of every room whenever I apply this. If you or someone you know is facing hair loss, I recommend that you try Saeed Ghani’s Maghaz oil and see the results for yourself. Nothing works overnight for hair loss, give it a little time before concluding your final verdict on it.

Let me know if you would like to see more reviews on Saeed Ghani or any other organic products.