Tips for Choosing Right Perfumes

The kind of fragrance you wear says a lot about you, finding a fragrance that speaks for your personality can be a tough job. Perfumes can have a great impact on your mood too, you want to pick up a bottle that describes who you’re without you having to speak for yourself. Here are some perfume buying tips to help you find the perfect scent.

Fragrance Categories

Before anything else you need to know about the basic categories that fragrances fall in.


There are three basic notes in a fragrance, which are the top notes, middle notes and the basic notes.

Top Notes

Ever noticed how the scent changes immediately after you first smell it? The very first scent you smell is the top note which disappears within seconds.

Middle Notes

These notes are responsible for the most part of the scent of a fragrances and appear when the top note dissipates.

Base Note

Now this is what you’re left with and provides depth and reveals what family the fragrance actually is from.

You also need to be familiar with these terms which you probably come across a lot but can’t tell one from the other:

Eau de Cologne

These have the least concentration of 3-5% of oils mixes with water and alcohol and they typically last for two hours only.

Eau de Toilette

Mixed with alcohol and a concentration level between 4-8% last for three to four hours.

Eau de Parfum

With a concentration level of 15-18% these are more expensive than the other two and can last up to a six hours time.


The most expensive of the lot, with a concentration level of 15-30% one application can last up to 24 hours.

Fragrances Families

There are four basic fragrances families which are Floral, Citrus, Oriental, and Woody.
Floral: feminine and sweet.
Citrus: fruity and fresh
Oriental: Spicy and Seductive
Woody: Chypre, Earthy

Here’re some more perfume buying tips that can help you identify the perfect perfume for you.
Now that you know about fragrance families, try getting one from each family over time to help spice things up every now and then. Floral and citrus fragrances can work best in summers when you need to feel fresh throughout the day. Similarly, you might want to leave Oriental and Spicy for a date night perhaps and stronger scents for the warm nights. You will get the hang of it very soon, I promise!

How to Pick a Perfume

Now, you have all your homework done, how to pick one out of the hundreds bottles even from the same family? Don’t rush yourself when buying a fragrance and don’t try too many at the same time, try the scents on a blotter and bring back home the ones you like the best and sniff them over the day to see if you still like them. And the coffee beans you see lying on those counters, take a sniff every now and then.

How to Wear Your Perfume

For best results apply the fragrance to your pulse points; your wrists, your neck and behind your ear. This helps make your fragrance last longer and doesn’t get your perfect red dress stained which can be an absolute embarrassment.

Perfume Hacks

Your perfume can last an extra couple of hours if you apply a small amount of petroleum jelly before you apply your perfume.

I would like to conclude by saying your fragrance is supposed to leave the other person begging for more of that scent, not make them pinch their nose, so don’t overdo it! I hope that with these tips perfumes online shopping is now a lot easier for you.


  1. Madiha, I had no idea that there was a difference between a top note and a middle note in a scent. My wife is planning on trying a brand new scent. I hope that we can find one that works with her body chemistry.