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Zeen Spring Summer Volume III

Before I begin with the Day 4 of ‘7 days of Zeen’ challenge let me try and absorb what happened today. My blog stats just went up from 300 visitors to 1750 today. Hmmm? What? Is Gandalf doing this? What sorcery is this? But really, thank you to everyone of you who made it here. More love your way!

‘Vintage Revivals’ is what I choose for Day 4 of the challenge, which is a bright yellow floral dress based on a vintage theme. Comes with a beautiful, pure silk dupatta. I have probably worn this dress and the pink one from DAY 1 the most and every time they are washed and ironed they are like brand new.

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Zeen ‘Vintage Revivals’

The color on this dress is stunning, I bought the dupatta and shirt stitched and quiet honestly as much as I love the dress the stitching for this particular shirt was a bit off for me for some reason. Although, I am a huge fan of their stitching and I got the same size as I always wear but it just failed to fit like it was made for me. But that couldn’t keep me from buying it, haha!

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Zeen Spring Summer Volume III

OOTD Details

Shirt: Zeen
    Dupatta: Zeen
        Watch: Tag Heuer

MOTD Details

     Mascara: Luscious
   Nail Color: Loreal
    Stipple Brush: Elf
  Liquid Lipstick: Essence
   Eye Liner: Luscious
 White Pencil: NYX

The price for the stitched 2 piece dress (Dupatta and Shirt) was Rs.4,695 and the unstitched 3 piece dress was for Rs.4,495.

If you’re looking to buy any of the dresses I have been posting, I really doubt that you’d find them now, except for the one I wore on DAY 3. That was from their recent Eid Collection so you might find it in stores if you are lucky enough. You won’t find the rest online anymore.

I just love it when you guys make the Zeen connection with me, you can share your outfits with me on my Instagram or my snapchat.

Disclaimer: I was not sent any of these products for review and was not compensated to express my opinions.